Celebrating Nurses | Leona Barnes

Nurses in Touch is celebrating nurses during the month of May! Meet Leona and learn about her passion for nursing as she explains her “why.”

“Why I do what I do.

I have been a hospice nurse for nearly 5 years. I knew when I went to nursing school that I was going to be a hospice nurse. In 1999, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, but went into remission. In April of 2003, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and sadly passed away later that year. Two months later my dad’s cancer came back and he died on June 17, 2004, only six months after my mom. I feel as if I can make a difference in the lives of my patients because I have felt the loss of a loved one and can empathize with the family.

Sometimes, it is hard to be a hospice nurse day after day. It can often be overwhelming, but then we get a letter from a family member after a patient passes that makes me remember, why and who I do this for. I do this for the patients and the family of the patients who are going through the hardest time in their lives. 

I have been working for Nurses in Touch Hospice going on a year now. When I first started with this company I did so because it was close to home. The office has since moved, but I continue to stay with this company because I love each and every one of my coworkers all the way from the Administator to the CNA’s who give our patients amazing care.”

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